Real Time Valuation

Objective automated valuations for art

Go into every art transaction with confidence

With a consistent and current valuation, you can make better informed decisions as to when to buy, sell or hold. That’s why we developed ARTBnk RTV the only unbiased and objective standard for art valuation.

RTVs are recalculated and adjusted daily based on market changes so you will always have the most current valuation available.



Say goodbye to subjective art appraisals

Appraisals can be time-consuming, expensive, and often use subjective standards which result in large variations. Unlike other companies providing products and services to the art market, we have no financial connection to the RTV result.

See our current list of RTV compatible artists.

Keep your estate planning and insurance records current

Just like with other investments, your art collection should be protected against loss or damage. Easily share the current valuation, images, and documentation with your insurance broker or wealth manager knowing that everything is up-to-date.


How does Real Time Valuation work?


ARTBnk utilizes a proprietary algorithm to transform public auction records and market conditions into usable data.


Each time you add a work of art we apply the same logic to identify the many attributes that can impact valuation.


An automated analysis then establishes the relationship of your piece to similar works that have sold by the artist.


A current and objective fair market value is then calculated and recalculated every 24 hours delivering mark-to-market valuations.



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