Welcome - We’re Beyond Excited to Have You with Us!

ARTBnk has been in stealth mode for almost 2 years while we solved the biggest problem facing art owners today:  knowing the current valuation of works of art. Our SaaS application, ARTBnk RTV, tells you the valuation of art: instantly and objectively. ARTBnk RTV uses artificial intelligence, machine-learning and the industry’s first purpose-built art market database, created by ARTBnk’s team with over 200 years of art market expertise.


A few details about this early beta release:

  • At introduction, only a small selection of artists will have RTV. But, the list will grow each week. Let us know which artists you’d like to see RTV results for, and we’ll make sure they are on our near-term list.

  • We know there is a summer lull for art sales, but we encourage you to set your fall Alerts now, so you don’t miss out later! To learn more about setting an Alert watch our short video here.

  • Additional features, such as a mobile application, will be available in our GA release.


For more information on ARTBnk editions visit our Product page.