About Us


Our Mission

ARTBnk is a start-up that is solving the most critical problem facing the art market today:  the subjectivity, inconsistency, and lack of transparency surrounding the valuation of works of art.  ARTBnk is creating objective criteria and tools for the real-time, mark-to-market, valuation of tradeable works of art.  Over time, we believe this will transform the market for art into a more rational and transparent marketplace.

ARTBnk Base and ARTBnk RTV (Real-time Valuation) are editions of a cloud-based, software-as-a-service subscription service. We do not sell artwork and we do not take commissions on the sale or appraisal of art.  Unlike other companies providing products and services to the art market, we have no financial interest in the RTV result. Our only interest is that art valuation be more accurate and standardized, which creates a more transparent and inviting art world for all participants.

After being in stealth mode for almost two years, we are now in early beta and you're invited to join us!

ARTBnk History and its Employees

Founded in 2016, ARTBnk is comprised of artists, art dealers, appraisers, art financiers, and serial technology entrepreneurs as well as exceptional software developers. ARTBnk has over 200 years of deep domain expertise in fine art, collectibles, and the art marketplace.  ARTBnk employees share a passion for art and for making the art world into an efficient market, which will benefit all participants, including artists, art enthusiasts, collectors, gallerists, art dealers, appraisers, art advisors, and wealth managers alike.